she nailed it!

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Instead of the regular after dinner devotional we do, I decided to take the opportunity to show this short video to all of the boys (…and that includes hubby!).  It’s the perfect way to remind all about just how amazing dishwashers are!

Why not add humor to the mundane tasks that we encourage everyone in the home to do?

This mom couldn’t have done it any better.  Enjoy!

ellie m


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look who’s turning 27 again

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My birthday weekend started yesterday, with an early cozy drizzly morning (yes, much needed rain in August) drinking coffee and having a quiet breakfast with hubby.  As soon as we started, I got a surprise text from my very close and sweet friend (she’s family to us) asking if I was around and could she stop by.

Yay, Lisa is coming over!!

She was so thoughtful and brought over a birthday cake.  And she even remembered that I like strawberry cakes.

I am so thankful for Lisa in our lives.

Today I officially turned 27 again.

Or something close to that.

We all went to church together and then headed off to a yummy Sunday brunch.  The boys gave me awesome home-made cards, which I covet.

Hubby has been super sweet to me all day long. Even now, he is sitting here acting as if he likes the movie Battleship that is on.  (I am a lover of super-hero-alien-action movies and he pretends to be).

And kisses.  I got lots of kisses.

Soon, I will take advantage of this day and have the boys sit with me to watch another Goldberg’s episode.  I am, after all, Beverly.

What more can a girl ask for?

Happy birthday to me :)

ellie m


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not only is he already 17 – but now this?

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I deserve the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Quite definitely.

(taking a bow)

I gave the PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR  yesterday as I held my breath and rifled through the newly arrived pile of mail – my 17 year old son eagerly looking on – to find the one piece of correspondence I SO hoped wouldn’t have arrived yet.

It was his Driver’s Ed Certificate that he needed in order to get his driver’s permit from the DMV.


(excuse me, couldn’t be helped)

Is this really happening already?  Last I checked, he was still in diapers.

It was that slow-motion uneasy moment where I think many mommies of a teenager who can now legally drive try to restrain their true emotions of worry and instead choose to be thrilled with their child and excitedly start to plan the next steps.

(one sec, I need to go hyperventilate)

But don’t get me wrong.  Somewhere deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down inside of me is the mom who is embracing this new season of life for him, is wholeheartedly enthusiastic for him, and really looking forward to being able to hand him the grocery list so he can go and do the shopping.

It seems like this time in a teenager’s life goes by so fast – really fast – like, blink of an eye fast – as in, I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up tomorrow and had to get ready to attend my grandchild’s college graduation type of fast!

In the meantime, I will enjoy every moment of my younger 13 year old goofing around during homework and pretending to teach hubby the basics of fractions and decimals.

Because if I blink again, he too will be eagerly waiting for the mailman to arrive.

ellie m


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alex’s 17th birthday

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I made hubby chuckle as we were leaving the party store, balloon, streamers, happy birthday banner in hand).

“We should be celebrating me — after all, what did Alex do?  He just came out and started asking for things”

How time flies.  17 years ago we welcomed my baby boy Alex into the world.  He was a ball of fire as a little kid, full of energy and mischief.  Now, he is a reserved, polite, helpful, sweet young man who I adore and am proud of.  I can not wait to see the plans God has for him this next year!

I love you Alex, Happy Birthday!!  Love, mom :)

ellie m

happy 23rd

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happy 23rd-1

I’m a sucker for homemade cards.  What mom isn’t?

But I usually get them from my boys.

Not…my hubby?

Last night, I came home to a very peaceful twinkle-lights-lit room with a card in an envelope propped up on my pillow.  I didn’t know what it was for nor did I open it up right away.  I waited until hubby and I finished eating the dinner that he made for us.

He wanted me to be able to come home and not have to do anything.  <sigh>

He’s a keeper.

When I finally opened it, I saw that he took the time to make me a homemade card for our 23rd month wedding anniversary!

happy 23rd-2

How adorable is that?!


ellie m


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True story.

This is what happens when hubby, our resident spider killer, isn’t home to save us from the big, bad spider.

Who in their right mind would want to get close up to a spider when you can drown it from a distance?

Joshie (upstairs):  “Mom!  There’s a spider on the wall.  Where’s the 409?”

Me (downstairs): “It’s under the sink”

Joshie:  “Hardly anything comes out when I try to squirt it – it can’t reach it!”

Me: “Use the Windex then!”

afraid of spiders

ellie m


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how to fold a fitted sheet!

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Hubby’s brother, Jeff, is leaving chilly Michigan to visit us here in sunny California.  They don’t get to spend a lot of time together, but when they do, they have a good time.

2014-Redwings-Game   (Jeff on left, hubby on right)

What does every good host do to prepare their house for someone’s visit?  Well, in our case…

  • finish up building the deck outside
  • plant the garden
  • fix up the front yard
  • dismantle & gather old couches, dining room table & chairs, etc for garbage – bulk pick up
  • make the guest room bed shorter by shortening the wooden legs (hubby built the tall bed & doesn’t want his brother to have to climb up!)
  • clean out the garage
  • wash the guest room windows — and…



  • paint the guest room — of course!

Did I mention Jeff will be here in just a few days?

That is a portion of what’s on hubby’s to-do list.  My to-do list is not so awful.  I just have to plan out the meals, plan their Yosemite trip, and make sure he has clean linen.

You were starting to wonder how this ties in with the “how to fold a fitted sheet” title, yes?

About a year ago, Holly (of Jeremy & Holly, our close friends who left us to move to Washington last year), showed me how to fold a fitted sheet.  With my gosh-awful memory, I forgot how to do it the moment she left.  So a few weeks ago, I asked her to post a how-to video so I could use as a reference!

They even added their unique and fun Vickery magic to it:

Try it – works like a charm.  Here’s mine ~ Ta-Da!

20150306_fitted sheet

ellie m


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late night baking

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Never mind the late night “stop-taking-pictures” and “why-are-you-making-us-do-this-mom” looks on their faces.

With my “we-are-making-memories” mommy goggles on, they were having fun, I tell ya!  They were having FUN!

ellie m


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janice! perfect timing for my venezuelan arepas craving

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“Hi Elle.  R u guys home.  Have little something wanted to drop off quickly for my sista.”

That was the text I got from my dear sis- in-Christ, Janice, yesterday morning.

Still living off of the warm fuzzies from when Abbey dropped off her banana muffins, this text made me raise my eyes up and say “Really Lord?  You mean, someone else actually wants to come by?”.

I was giddy.  How fun!

Janice joined our bible study group last year and omgosh – what a blessing she is to the whole group!  If you’ve spent any amount of time with Janice, you know that you are pretty much guaranteed a good day.  She brings you joy and she leaves you with lots of carry-over joy that will last you a long time!

This Saturday was turning out to be a winner.  I woke up to lots of pretty sunshine and hubby brought me breakfast in bed.


He’s just sweet that way.  Notice his inner-foodie starting to come out?  He added 2 little waffle crisps to the whipped cream :).

Then Janice comes by after a trip to our local Farmer’s Market.  She has this new favorite salsa and thought of me when she saw there was a more spicy version of it.  So I explain to her that it’s perfect timing because I had this overwhelming urge to make a Venezuelan dinner of aprepas, black beans & rice for hubby that evening.


I was inspired by a restaurant in San Francisco, called “Pica Pica“.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Arepas are a grilled corn pocket made from Harina P.A.N. and the dough was really simple and easy to work with.  Next time we make it – and we will! – I will photo document it and post the recipe here.

Janice’s salsa paired great with our meal.  Even hubby (who is trying his best to eat food with “heat”) spooned it over his black beans and rice.

YUM.  Thank you, Janice!

ellie m


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hanging out with my best friend

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deck_Feb 2015

Here in California, we’ve been enjoying some pretty amazing weather.

And by amazing, I mean, mid-70’s in February!

I got to spend yesterday afternoon relaxing out on the deck with my best friend.

It was just perfect.

ellie m


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a neighborly drop-by

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2014-10-22 October 2014 Life Group 067

One of the things I miss most about the some of the other neighborhoods I used to live in was the neighborly drop-by.

One was such a close knit neighborhood where everyone walked their dogs up and down our pretty, hilly, tree-filled street, always said hello, and if you didn’t recognize the person, you would stop and introduce yourself.  Our next door neighbor’s kids would babysit mine when they were younger and we would dog-sit for them when they were away.   I found myself taking walks just because it was fun to stop and chat with people as they were out in their yards.  Or I would have my windows open so I could hear another neighbor playing his trumpet on a warm summer night.

Neighborhoods like that feel like you live among extended family.  Such sweet memories!

This past week, as I was working from home, the doorbell rang.  I’m thinking it must be the mail man but didn’t think I ordered anything from Amazon that week — I know I’m not alone in this way of thinking.

I open up the door to see none other than Abbey standing there with a great big smile.  Who is Abbey?  She is one of the people that is faithful in coming to our weekly Life Group bible study.  She and her husband, Mike, have 2 delightful little boys.

Why was she there?  Well she brought me sweet treats, of course!  The night before was her turn to bring snacks to the study and one of the things she brought was a banana bread.  By the time I noticed it was gone, I mentioned to her that I didn’t get a piece and it looked good because it had nuts in it – which I very much like.

She explains that she dropped by to bring me some banana muffins since I didn’t get any — how thoughtful is that?!

It completely took me by surprise, and it triggered a million thoughts in my head about how life used to be when I was more surrounded by a community of people.  Usually it is hubby and I who bring goodies to people around us, but I do miss good old neighborly drop-bys.

Grateful for Abbey for thinking of us and now that I’m thinking of it, also grateful for our next door neighbors who bring us produce from their back yard from time-to-time.

I know you’re wondering how the muffins were.  Yummy, as expected!  I was lucky to have one of them because Graham ended up eating the rest!

ellie m


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grace & lace

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We happened to be watching an episode of Shark Tank last night and caught a small portion of a company called “Grace & Lace”.  Their business started out “accidentally” as Melissa began to knit while she was on bed rest in the hospital:


“For two weeks I lived in the hospital until doctors could no longer stop the labor. Our very tiny but oh-so-perfect baby girl was born. With lungs not yet developed enough to survive on her own, the Lord took her straight to Heaven.

Though heart-wrenching and devastating, I truly believe that out of this great tragedy has come our greatest victory.”

 The episode showed several pictures of her products and oh my, I was immediately drawn in!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love these boot socks! My mother raised me to wear thick coats, sweaters, fuzzy socks and slippers 24/7.  I feel cold all of the time!  I blame this completely on her, of course.  So I’m naturally drawn to fun, cute, cozy type clothing.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Boot Cuffs?!?! I had never heard of them before…but now I wonder how I ever lived with out them.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am very challenged in the tie-a-scarf-around-your-neck realm.  My ears perk up when I run across no-brainer scarves like these.  The fact that these look light and fluffy is a very happy bonus.


I’m anxious to get back to shopping.  I hope you will too!

ellie m


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scavenger hunt

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On the way to the airport, hubby asks Ben why he’s chuckling.

Ben explains that he left us a scavenger hunt.  “10 of the same things, all eye level and in plain sight.”, he says.

Hubby tells me this as I say “What the heck is that up there?”.


He taped up single slices of American cheese all around the house for us to find!


Good luck to us.  So far we have only found 2 of them, four days later.

It’s fun though.  8 more potential reminders of Ben’s quirkiness around the house.  Somewhere.

But where?!?!

ellie m


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